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Introducing our WPC Extrashield Decking Coextrusion Series in the mesmerizing CHOCOLATE variant. Crafted with precision and innovation, this series stands as a testament to superior quality and durability, offering a stunning solution for outdoor cladding and decking needs.

Key Features:

  • Coextrusion Technology: Our WPC Extrashield Decking utilizes advanced coextrusion technology, combining multiple layers for enhanced performance and longevity. This ensures maximum resistance to fading, staining, and scratching, even in the harshest outdoor environments.

  • Rich Chocolate Color: The CHOCOLATE variant features a rich and inviting chocolate color, adding warmth and sophistication to any outdoor space. Whether you're decking out a patio or cladding a facade, this luxurious hue is sure to make a statement.

  • Optimal Dimensions: With a plank thickness of 23mm, width of 140mm, and length of 2900mm, our WPC Extrashield Decking offers ideal dimensions for easy installation and a seamless finish. Each plank covers approximately 4.37 square feet of space, providing ample coverage for any project.

  • Dual-Sided Design: Each plank in the Coextrusion Series features a different color on the other side, offering versatility and flexibility in design. This allows you to choose between the rich chocolate hue or opt for a different look to suit your preferences.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our WPC Extrashield Decking Coextrusion Series in CHOCOLATE offers the perfect blend of style and performance for outdoor cladding and decking projects. Say goodbye to maintenance headaches and hello to years of enjoyment in your outdoor oasis.

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