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What is the difference between laminate & hardwood flooring?

Laminate flooring is a synthetic product composed of multiple layers fused, offering affordability and easy maintenance. Hardwood flooring, made from real wood, provides a timeless, natural look with the ability to be sanded and refinished. While laminate is budget-friendly, hardwood offers classic durability and elegance.

What is wooden laminate flooring?

Wooden laminate flooring is a versatile and cost-effective flooring option made from multiple layers of synthetic materials, with a high-resolution image of wood grain on its surface. It provides the aesthetic appeal of real wood flooring at a fraction of the cost and is easy to install and maintain.

What is engineered wood flooring and how is it different from solid wood flooring?

Engineered wood flooring is constructed from multiple layers of wood veneer pressed together, with a top layer of real hardwood. This construction makes it more stable and resistant to moisture compared to solid wood flooring, which is made from a single piece of wood. Engineered wood flooring offers the beauty of hardwood with added durability and versatility.

What are the advantages of engineered wood flooring?

The advantages of engineered wood flooring include enhanced durability, resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations, easy installation over various subfloors, and the ability to be sanded and refinished multiple times. Additionally, it offers a wide range of styles and finishes, providing versatility in design options.